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    4114 tintin34 Written on March 27th 2008 This review has been automatically translated
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    I start with the beach: this is not a beach called albino (white and without rock) it has the character and life, at high tide it seems sweet but when it is low s is something else! to kick it look worthwhile, sea urchins and squid as well as pretty poison is in prisonné in coral and s is very beautiful! sit is the super clean, the rooms as if he takes the same age! all the bars in the place are super efficient, there is no waiting because everyone made the thread so nobody gets frustrated with being left out against (by loudmouths) that take place all ... the a la carte restaurants are fab! (the beach bbq, bamboo, the portofino) book very early during your stay! the world is a mass ... Staff (bar, beach, etc.) was very nice! on the beach not need to get up early to the chairs for the pool but I would say yes even though I have not been ... nor the heated swimming pool for adults in the late evening is a must with a view on the beach! j included here that there are a lot of walking but for us it was our daily exercises! the trip to puerto vallarta from the hotel by bus 2 us (1:15) return to us by taxi 35 (45min.) has done for the trip paysement.

    Negative :

    the one and only! the buffet ... fret and fret yet! lack of dishes and the dishes are not met. one board arrived early and no problem! I strongly believe that the buffet is too small, you quickly go around is yet to be disappointed! I say that the price paid for s is still a bargain for me, having already been at the Royal Playa del Carmen! but I have paid $ $ $ that has more then this place!
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