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Mayan Riviera hotel, Mexico rated by Nat1978 travelling in Mexico

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17807 Nat1978 Written on July 8th 2012 This review has been automatically translated
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Comments from Nat1978 on Mayan Riviera :

Summary of the Allegro Playacar in Riviera Maya from 15 June to 22 June 2012. Paid $ 760 each person. Flight with Air Transat. No delay for the round, but we had a delay of half an hour for the return and a lot of turbulence. Check-in upon arrival at the Allegro Playacar well organized. We wait our turn each line. I had taken care to contact Erika on Facebook before I left and I advice you a lot! We had a red bracelet instead of green, which gave us some nice touches! Like a bottle of champagne in the room with a plate of chocolate covered strawberries. A message on the bed on arrival with two beautiful signs towels. Robes for the stay (convenient to reserve palapas at 6:30). Liquor and beer in profusion in the fridge (for cons just two big water bottles hang from the week!?!) Erika took care to reserve the room for my lunch (you are entitled to one per stay) She also took care of all organize our romantic dinner near the beach. I had the room 5214. Renovated the 2nd floor overlooking the sea and close to everything. The room, as there were only a few light showers here and there, we have not had a water leak from the roof of straw. By cons, when the flood began and lasted non-stop for two days, we had the bathroom flooded because of a large leak in the roof above the bathroom. There was also water which returned to other locations but less severe. I guess it depends on the room! At first we thought it was funny! My boyfriend has even slept with her umbrella on the first morning! But he began to be time to return, we would not have suffered water leaks into the room one more day! This is unfortunate because it is very beautiful the thatched roof! I think the rooms would need to be renovated and all the roofs! As for air conditioning, she has walked all week except one day when he is extremely hot and humid! Another thing to know, the birds begin to chirp around 6am! So for up late, not recommended to take a 2nd floor room! It does not bother me, because I took the opportunity to get up and go book my palapa and relax in my hammock on my gallery! People get up early to reserve palapas on the beach. Me, I took a forward premium villas on the edge of the wall. It is much quieter and less strung on the beach. The gardens are beautiful! Beautiful flowers, lots of palms and trees! It's really a nice little site, everything is close! The sea is sublime! Beautiful turquoise color! We had big waves all week. The staff is really helpful, attentive and funny! Especially to Jose Mexican restaurant, he also looked after our romantic dinner. There also Yvan at the lobby bar which is really funny and nice! He made us taste any kind of shoot! The food is very good, but repetitive in the morning and dinner. The buffet is very well at night because there is a different theme each night! Do not miss Oriental Night! It has good sushi and good! The Mexican restaurant is just so delicious! I highly recommend it! We did not go to Italian, you do not have time! Also, no need to bring his mug. They make great drinks in plastic glasses washable. The drinks are really delicious! The shows are very ordinary, but it distracted! After 22h, all the bars close, except at the disco. There is not much to do at night! So we went to bed early and we got up early! It has many activities to do in the day, such as stretching, volleyball, pool games, table tennis, massage, etc.. There is also a small kiosk where you can buy a pottery and you can paint it on the spot. Although fun and relaxing, Veronica is very nice! We can also do parasailing is very safe. Approximately $ 60 per person and $ 100 for two. Every day there professional photographers who walk the site with different animals (toucan, monkey, lizard) and they take great pictures with people. My advice if you're interested: go to every day taking pictures and go see them all just at the end of your week! Take the ones you like and especially the dealer price! It will cost you much cheaper that way! One can also make a photo session with a professional photographer, you pay only for the photos you want and put them on a cd. There are small booths craftsmen on the site, if you want to buy something, made the turn and must dealer! Here's a handy trick for Cheap Internet: Go to Plaza Playacar left out of the resort and go to Starbuck. You can buy a coffee for $ 2 and the bottom of the invoice, there is a code to go free on the wifii. Keep your receipt, you can go and sit quietly next door (where there is the telephone box) and still go on wifii free! Go walking in Playacar, it is very safe and there are beautiful villas to watch! You can also go walking in Playa Del Carmen going towards the right as you leave the resort. It's about 25 minutes walk. There are small Mayan ruins to visit along the way. There is also a bird sanctuary you can visit, but I do not know the price. We booked our trip before leaving on the internet with This is a French tour agency that was founded by two French, Celine and Dimitri. Very good service on the internet and rapid response to my questions! Which is very popular is that they form small groups of 8 to 12 people. We were 9 people! Dimitri accompanied us all day! It is very nice as well as being beautiful man! We took the tour Tierra Maya. We went to Tulum early before the crush of tourists! Really great! Then we took a small boat from a beautiful beach and we passed the ruins of Tulum to go snorkeling in the coral reef. Then we went to dinner in a private house in the jungle green. Subsequently, we visited the cave of a thousand columns, and finally, we went swimming with sea turtles in Akumal! Like really great trip! Nice big busy day! Cheap and in addition, $ 150 for 2 people! We also massage at the hotel near the beach! It feels really good! Orlando mass very well! We took 40 minutes each for a total of $ 70. By cons, a little unpleasant to hear children screaming in the pool and parents who yell at the children! Better to go early when it is quieter, or late at night! We took the romantic dinner near the beach. We chose a lobster and a steak (which was really delicious) with a bottle of white wine for about $ 70 in all. Cheap and very appreciated, too and we ate very well! Loved the Allegro Playacar and I will surely return!

Positive :

The beach, the Mexican a la carte restaurant, the drinks, the buffet

Negative :

Viellote room a little and the roof leaks when there is a flood
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