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Santal gives you is rating about Braco Beach Resort And Spa in Jamaique (Ile), Jamaica.

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12476 Santal Written on February 22nd 2010 This review has been automatically translated
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Comments from Santal on Braco Beach Resort And Spa :

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We can mentionnner we are disappointed by this trip, our expectations, given that c was assessed a 5 * were much larger towards the resort. We quotons not like a 5 *, but more for a 4 * First, I want to say that we described in the brochure is far from being reality. In terms of seating, this n that is a small table and a straight chair. Secondly, the meals are largely in stoves, they do not cook before us, as the majority of other resorts to have fewer staff al rear counters. Third, the bar room is filled on our arrival, but if we fail to beer or liquor, we must pay. The only thing we offer is c bottles of water. Regarding the means of communicating with family or internet, we ask them a card for the week, they say yes to one hour $ 16.00, but that they do not tell you is that the c must be used in the the next 24 hours. C for 15 minutes is $ 7.50, real flight, in addition to continually be disconnected so that you are using your minutes faster. Nolitour, offered us a bottle of rum and fruit basket on our arrival, and it was the Wednesday evening before receiving it, and that because we chiaille. We have 2 restaurants a la carte unlimited, but always overbookes, therefore not able to have reservations and in addition to French, they are so picky, they want a dress impeccable, we almost did not accept, because my spouse had sneakers (very clean) shoes they wanted. When it goes on a journey we do not start with all the wardrobe, we are limited in luggage. In addition, more than room service, but your advertising, they say 24 hrs sevices. We therefore recommend the Grand Palladium Lady to be spending a week the last year and they are really the quote of a 5 * and cheaper. Unheated pool, beach very rocky and very small.

Positive :

Very own site, local and international drinks (many kinds)

Negative :

Warming buffet meal, does not correspond to the pub in the brochure, too expensive for internet access.
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