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Iles Caiman

The Cayman Islands are a very prized destination for its beaches, its natural sites and it numerous boutiques. A dose of realism is needed, however; it's a rather luxurious touristic destination. Many organize a conference there or stop one or two days by cruise. The island most visited is Grand Cayman, where you'll find the capital of Georgetown. Several attractions can lead you to choose the Cayman Islands. It offers a very complete nautical sports package. Sailing, windsurfing, sea doo, kayaking, and many others are available. The coast is, however, very alluring for its numerous reefs that are found underwater. This creates a favorable environment for underwater diving, notably for the all the coral and multicolored fish that astound travelers. A natural environment is also very charming on the Cayman Brac Islands and Little Island; two natural beauties about 50 kilometers to the east of Grand Cayman. Consequential of several organized conferences on the island, Cayman offers three golf courses: the Britannia, the Links and the Sunrise Family. They are situated in an enchanting décor that will make your golfing experience a very interesting one indeed! Other sports are also available such as tennis, horseback riding or hiking. The nature of the Cayman Islands is very impressionable and rather coveted for its many species of turtles and birds found there. How can you describe Grand Cayman without talking about all the boutiques and restaurants found on the main island! During a shopping session in the afternoon you are permitted to redo your entire wardrobe. In the evening, that's the perfect occasion for relaxing at the restaurant. A safe destination, Grand Cayman is also a very appropriate place for visiting the many bars and clubs in town. You can dance to the Caribbean rhythms, but also to American Pop music. Grand Cayman is a very pleasant destination, whether by cruise or for a week of beautiful vacation!
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