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Located in Central America's heart, Honduras is a place for discovery. Third most important city of the country, Ceiba is an ideal beach resort for experiencing this land. Even though the tourist capital has nothing extraordinary, its night life is well known and is geographical situation of choice on the Caribbean coast will let you appreciate the other treasures of Honduras. Magnificently dressed behind Ceiba, the Pico Bonito National Park offers many opportunities for rafting, kayaking and numerous hiking trails for exploring. With a bit of luck, you might see some monkeys, alligators and many species of tropical birds. The tropical butterfly farm near the park also offers the opportunity for a pastoral walk within a great variety of butterfly species. West of Ceiba, several white sand beaches are accessible in the exceptionally nice Jeannette Kawas National Park surrounding the town of Tela. Scuba diving will let you discover the amazing coral reefs and if you adventure deep within the forest, you'll probably hear the hollowing monkeys. Not too far from Tela, the botanical gardens of Lancetilla, second largest tropical botanical garden in the world, will amaze you with its splendor. Ceiba is also used as link port for ferries going to the Bay Islands. Utila, Roatan and Guanaja are veritable pearls of the Caribbean. These islands tether towards the south along the second longest coral barrier in the world. With ridiculously low prices, it's the ideal place to begin underwater diving. At the heart of its turquoise waters, flora and a diverse wildlife are waiting to be discovered. The sea sponges, multicolored fish, manta rays, sea turtles and whale-sharks are some of the species you can observe. The biggest ecological attraction of the country remains as the region of Mosquitia where you'll find the Rio Plantano Biosphere, the largest tropical reserve in Central America. Shelter of a wildlife, some almost in extinction, it is also the land of several ethnic and indigenous communities. Completely out west of the country, it is more difficult to access it. Fans of history and archeology shouldn't leave the country without visiting the Copan Ruins, one of the most important ruins of the Mayan civilization. This international patrimony from Unesco to the Guatemalan frontier is well known for the quality of its sculptures and its certainly worth a whole day's visit. Honduras is virgin country that you have to see once in your life! Honduras in few lines Currency: Lempira. The American Dollar is generally accepted. Language: Spanish Time Zone: same hour as Quebec Electricity: 110 volts Documents required for visit: Valid passport of six months and tourist card. Population: Approx. 7.7 million people National Meal: Tamales and tapado Climate: Tropical Pocket Dictionary Yes: Si No: No Thank you: Gracias It was nothing: De nada Please: Pour favor Excuse me: Disculpeme Hi: Hola Good night: Buenas noches Bye: Adios Good morning: Buenas dias See you soon: Hasta Good afternoon: Buenas tardes Good evening: Luego Where's the bathroom?: Donde esta el bano? What's your name? : Como se llama? How are you? : Como estas? Good: Bien Bad: Ma
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  • hondura
    Par uychampagne, le February 17th 2013

    non ce nest pas un 4 etoile activiter 0, bar ruhm tequilla vodka gin cest tous plus 2 sorte de biere, bar ferme … (Read more)

  • Allo
    Par funbeach, le July 5th 2012


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By uychampagne, le February 17th 2013

very good restaurant not too fat or salt or sugar fered. pencil machine take a little of all it's … ... (more)

By nicaube, le November 1st 2012
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This resort is a project that is not completely finished. We were about 30 customers on weekdays and 200 on weekends (the … ... (more)

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