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With her arm weather, history and fine cuisine, Greece is one of Europe's most visited countries. Travellers usually go to Greece for either one of two reasons: to tour Continental Greece and visit her numerous antique archaeological remains, or to visit some of the unbelievably beautiful Greek Islands.

Greek history is showcased in many of her cities. In Delphes, the Apollo's Temple is located in a luxuriant forest. Visit this mystic site that was once recognized as the centre of Greece. In Athens, more to the south, the Parthenon looms over the city. Being under restoration for the last thirty years, this archaeological remain from Ancient Greece never cease to amaze visitors from all over the World. In spite of the heat and the air pollution, Athens is the ideal place to enjoy Greece's bar and clubs.

You'd rather make archaeological visits? Head down South to Corinth. This quiet city is home to an impressive archaeological site. Amongst the ruins to be seen, one can find the Aphrodite Temple, a gymnasium, public baths and Apollo's Temple pillars. During the day, you can enjoy the beach, minutes away from downtown. You feel like attending an Ancient Greek play? Drive down Corinth's South Coast and go the Epidaurus Festival. In this twice millennial theatre, Eschyle and Sophocles had shared the bill in summer for more than 50 years.

Discovers heavens of tranquility in the archipelagos. Picturesque villages and breathtaking beaches of the Greek Island make this region one of the crossroads of the Mediterranean. Most visited islands are part of the Cyclades Archipelago. They are Santorin, Mykonos and Paros. In Santorin, villages high perched in the mountains always fascinate visitors. With their shiny white walls and pretty blur roofs, these villages are part of the Mediterranean heritage. Stroll from village to village to discover Santorin's unique architecture as well as its nice beaches. The nicest beaches, although, are located on Mykonos and Paros Islands. Mykonos' golden sands and crystal clear water are attracting many travelers every year. But there's more than beaches on the Island: restaurants, bars and enchanting alleys make Mykonos a very popular travel destination.

Greece is the place to combine an historical tour to extraordinary beaches!

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