Sosua, Dominican Republic by Alain V at hotel Casa Marina Beach Resort. » » Travel deals by Var Vacations" /> Sosua, Dominican Republic by Alain V at hotel Casa Marina Beach Resort. » » Travel deals by Var Vacations" />

Casa Marina Beach Resort hotel, Sosua rated by Alain V travelling in Dominican Republic

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13461 Alain V Written on April 3rd 2008 This review has been automatically translated
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Comments from Alain V on Casa Marina Beach Resort :

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Positive :

The site is generally clean and well maintained. The construction of swimming pools and bar is also well done. The system with which electricity only works when you put your room key into a reader and is effective side Luminous Efficiency is a measure ecologically significant. The buffet is well stocked and always contains tasty options. Rental of umbrellas for the day is more than reasonable price (U.S. $ 3 per day). Just a groin 15 minutes from the airport so you do not lose too much time in transit.

Negative :

The management of certain water sports is VERY frustrating. There is a flag system (green, yellow, red) to indicate swimming conditions and unless the flag is green (no waves or very small) we can borrow equipment such as water boards surfing or wakeboarding. Will you tell me which bin is fun to have a board with no waves worse!! And most frustrating is that the hotel staff and Dominicans can go swimming and to snowboard for them this time ... I was in the tab & *? $? &!! Never been all inclusive for me. It's not really a place for snorkeling, the beach is set in a small bay surrounded by coral. Eating a la carte ... rather well, but you pay the extra to eat Lobster seafood restaurant equivalent of $ 16 a pound. That I found it cheap, even in Cuba, in a 3.5 star (Puntarenas), I could eat a filet mignon surf and turf / half-lobster tail at a la carte restaurant ... That said the squid was still very good. To leave a tip it's difficult because we do not have servers of Record (either buffet or a la carte restaurant). There may be a person who comes to serve your wine, which brings another entry, another main course, dessert and another one last passes for water between courses and rid ... then we Tippe that? by leaving it on the table, we are not sure who takes ... Street vendors Dominicans (in fact they are mostly Haitian) are really pushy. Really. The drinks are good, but generally quite low in alcohol, have extra alcohol or doble fuerte. Bars and snacks included at all close at 11:00 pm ... far too early ... in Cuba, it was the 24h ;) The comfort of the beds was only average. In addition there was no fridge in the room (again, in Cuba, there was one ...)
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