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Amélie gives you is rating about Bahia Principe San Juan in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.

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6703 Amélie Written on March 21st 2009 This review has been automatically translated
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Comments from Amélie on Bahia Principe San Juan :

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Positive :

I just returned from a trip of two weeks in fact I went just 1 week on 2 ... the hotel was overboker then they offered to leave to Samana in two hotels for a period of 6 days ... we has not regretted any disappointment ... san juan ... In fact if people who read me are still in the process of drinking as holes, to the swimming pool, entertainment and eating fine, but nothing, well it is your hotel ... If you go to the beach, nice weather, heat, room, etc. ben forget that 's not for you ... we are in peak season I went from 6 to 21 March so what more could, very windy out there no matter what time of year when there are plenty of Winterlude activities included in water but no way to do anything there all the time the red flag ... and after lunch too cold to stay on the waterfront, go to the pool but that's all strung like mullots you can not find room, we were found in the mud on hahaha the lawn The animation is good, they travaiellent like crazy and still are shaped in the evening I wow my hat ... the food is good, there is not much to say .. we ate well toujiours is also on there best but it gets worse, too, have not been sick and we were generally satisfied with the food .. except when a la carte restaurant is full when you eat cold very cold ... I'm not finished my plate I was lifted and we went to the buffet hahah the best a la carte restaurant is Italian (lasagna) after the seafood (grouper stuffed with shrimp, there is to the sentence) and the mediterranean (salmon) and then for the Mexican fatitas ... The beverage bin is when you change you see the hotel différencce quality drinks if you're satisfied ... in the 2nd week we went to Samana and the drinks were wow, not the same .. . There's lots going to the pool, it's a cheap hotel so young =! but young people who do not drink hahaha and yet I went through there, but it seems that for 2 weeks Tabarouette you're pretty tired of seeing this ... there are good excurions, the jeep safari and everyone loves the buggie is sickening, services bringing candy you start young, it's trippy, you come back wet and muddy in the mud, but it really is whales for fun ... well ... I liked parcequon has seen a lot and it took 1 hour 30 minutes before seeing (in waves) people later in the week it took 2:30 ET ben's vomited before seeing then people have been sick and did not like is the chance ... Has left the beach is much nicer and even off it is water clear and green, beautiful c, is of much value Quil sale this ammene lot of sand ... the seveurs erviables are very dynamic and young, not a word to say either ...

Negative :

The room is the minimum, a bed, a balcony, sucked furniture, toilet ... it's small and old but they are struggling to clean never a word to say about that ... but it is small and it depends on both the AC rooms feel much smoking especially in section 19 ... labor représantants air transat ... very disappointed .. I left my kodak on the pool in another hotel samana 1 hour after I asked the representative if she could communicate with the representative of transatlantic the other bahia principle to go on the pool if it was my KADAK I knew exactly where he was vennais I take pictures but we had to go back to san juan, they made me believe that they had put the hotel staff over there and even told me they were themselves ... BOULSHIT ... the kodak stayed there all day are qc who saw all day, since no one was presented, they did some research and I have finally recognized at the airport, returning one week later, they said the hotel had not done anything ... what a disappointment ... The hotel has even said that we were French in France ... hahaha have a chance that people can count on honest! Inform you if you are in the springs break me but I did my due agte a mistake because we were in it ... it's not fun at all the broken glass everywhere, condom on floors in hallways, drinking, Cree on floors and on the website and what about the battles of cocks and then I'm not talking about animals hahah ouff ca did not make sense .. I will never go back! this is my 6th all inclusive, there are a lot better elsewhere!
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