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Hotel Viva Wyndham Dominicus Beach Price paid $ 896 per person starting January 16 14hrs of Quebec purchased October 26, 2011. Tour Operator: Tour Mont Royal; carrier Air Transat. Flight: We had a very nice flight to /. Start at the time of Quebec, an hour late return (mechanical failure). Far from being as dramatic one more hour to La Romana J Hint, put a blanket in our hand luggage because sometimes the air is cold on planes and we must pay on the flight. Airport: We landed in La Romana, a small airport with four doors only. Very quick to get through customs. We did about 25 minutes by bus to get to our hotel. • Hotel: Very nice home, it was to fast for check Assembled The safety deposit box is keyless and it costs $ 2 per day. It works with a code that is made up to our room. I had emailed the hotel a week before, at the following address: @ viva.dominicus but I do not know if it was the right place because we did not have what asked to be part of the 3rd floor. But be aware that my application was to be in the blocks 11 to 13, were all of bungalow so I think we should be lucky to have one if you have not paid for. I'm not sure I would ask in section 11A, 12A, 13A, etc (this side) because there is a smell of "gas" they are all bungalows. 21 to 25, from 31 to 39 and 77 are buildings of several rooms, but we have access to our room from the outside so no corridor. Part 77 is across the street (we were) finally we were well placed as near the pizzeria, the Mexican restaurant, the nightclub. Here is the link of the sitemap: 5014968rdboFg Site in general: Bigger than I thought, in the village of Dominicus. So we can leave the site to shop, eat, walk, go to the casino. There are three swimming pools including one with the infinite (very beautiful), a large central bar near the beach, a bar open 24 hrs, 24hrs a pizzaria also four tennis courts, several shops on the site. Many mature vegetation so super nice, very clean. The staff is very courteous and friendly when realizing that we are not Italians because they are not very nice staff and even with us. Everything happens on the waterfront in the evenings, then perhaps provide one or two sweaters for the evening as some frisquait. A site that really deserves to be seen! Room: We had a room in block 77 # 7723 on the third floor. She was a little older but very clean. We had hot water all week, to note that there was no bath in room. Two beds (only took one) comfortable with good pillows, no dial. A table and two chairs, no fridge, 2 bottles of water per day. So for us, this room especially suited us for the time you are there. Buffet: We all agree that we ate very well at the buffet but there is not much variety. There is no theme buffet as certain as we did in the Republic. The service is very good, we did not need to ask to come see us. The servers have great attitudes and smiles. What is remarkable is that there is no odor at the buffet and when we take such good chicken and it tastes like chicken. In other words, it does not taste all the same. Small detail, no bacon at the buffet in the morning! It is located on the beach while beautiful scenery every day. La carte restaurant: There are two non-revenue: Mexican and Barbecue. The two are good, the service is excellent, we had a lot of attention. We took the wine we bought at customs before leaving, so our dinner was accompanied by good wine. Do not forget the long pants because otherwise it will deny you access. Beach: Very nice, a little less steep but has the Oasis Canoa. The water is translucent so ideal for snorkeling because there is almost no waves and you always see the fish. There is plenty of space in the sun under the palm trees and also so everyone can find a place that suits him. A lot of chairs, I've never seen so much, you come to 11hrs or 7hrs and well, get a chair. We can go kayaking every day, 30 minutes, it's not very monitor because there are always available. You can have a small catamaran lesson 15 minutes and then we can start with if you want. To walk, it is more difficult because the beach is steep but for us this is not a problem. Right side of the hotel, no possibility of walking, but the left side you can walk around at least 1hrs. Passes in order to: Wyndham Dominicus Palace, Iberostar, Catalonia and the last live Be Canoa. Then there can still walk to another small hotel (I forget the name). No need to get up early to see the sunrise because it is hidden by palm trees. But what we have and to every night, the most beautiful sunset of the Republic. We stay at the beach until 18:30 at least not to miss this show. Then 5-7 at the beach J No vendor on the beach, only women who want to be massaged. Animation: It is very good for those who want to have fun and participate in activities, you'll soon be able to do 11hrs in the morning. But we are not the type to participate and we were not disturbed the week, they are not tanning. Show in the evening: We have not performed in the show, we walked through the village instead. Excursions: They offer all the excursions on the site but I think it's better to buy on the street you will pay less. It has not done since it was already 2 times Saona and Jeep tour to Santo Domingo. But have to make two trips, beautiful. I think Saona sold for about $ 75. This year, we were eating in a restaurant for lobster. At the restaurant in the village of Vivier Dominicus (he was seen in our bedroom) and was excellent. It cost us almost the price of 2 trips but I still advise. The restaurant belongs to the French. Temperature: It was gorgeous! Only a morning of rain until 11hrs. The evening air we need a sweater, it's the first time this has happened to us in the Republic, but we must not forget that everything happens on the sea! We did a great of handsome travel. My quote: Do not forget that everyone does his trip and that if we spend our week watching the negative things we will not make a great trip. I recommend this hotel for people who normally travel in the 31/2 or 4 stars. For landscape I recommend it for those who travel in the 41/2.
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