Club Amigo Mayanabo hotel, Santa Lucia rated by Jf A travelling in Cuba » » Travel deals by Var Vacations" /> Club Amigo Mayanabo hotel, Santa Lucia rated by Jf A travelling in Cuba » » Travel deals by Var Vacations" />

Santa Lucia, Cuba by Jf A at hotel Club Amigo Mayanabo.

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66 Jf A Written on August 17th 2008 This review has been automatically translated
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Comments from Jf A on Club Amigo Mayanabo :

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Positive :

We went to Cuba with three objectives in mind: 1. Rest 2. See the sun 3. Enjoy a beautiful beach Result: Mission accomplished! * Swimming pool more than respectable, very clean room and a representative smiling, kind, friendly and professional (named Marin) who did not hesitate to give us a maximum of tips to make this trip a good time. Take the tour "last day Camaguey", pp. 29 CUC, it's worth the cost!

Negative :

During our stay here, we sought to achieve three new goals: 1. Ignore the poor quality of the buffet and a la carte restaurant really funny because we served the food from the buffet and all drinks were included except wine we had to pay "a la carte" and was free to Buffet! We always said ... "Focus on the rest, sun and beach" ... 2. Attempt to join the 95% of Cubans on the site trying to speak Spanish better and always trying to understand why we had to wait 15 minutes for a drink at the bar or completely forget to try to mingle with a few activities offered by group animation shy and reserved. ... "Concentrate on the rest, sun and beach" ... 3. Try not to succumb to the temptation to cast an eye to the skyrocketing exchange rate Cuban (CUC) which stood as the number of foreign tourists arriving on site: Saturday: 1.23 CND vs CUC Sunday: 1.2299 Monday: 1.22 Tuesday: 1.2199 Merc.: 1.2099 Thursday: 1.20 Friday: 1.1999 Really, really the most beautiful legalized fraud that I have never seen (and lived)! When it costs you $ 23 for 100 convertible pesos, I wonder who it takes for these Cuban! And if that was it ... Know that retail prices are higher than us, except for cigarettes and alcohol. What will smile more than one of you! The bottle of wine at the restaurant ... ten CUC wine more than adequate. Thus, you have no choice but to tell you "concentrate yourself on the rest, sun and beach" ... So here, finally, remember not to bring the U.S. to Cuba. Forget it. It will cost almost $ 30 for 100 CUC (convertible pesos). We saw a guy come up with $ 500 U.S.: PHEW! and reOUF!
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