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16377 rgagnondurand Written on October 31st 2011 This review has been automatically translated
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Comments from rgagnondurand on Club Amigo Ancon :

Low season: very quiet and pleasant. Great hotel for the price paid ($ 485 / one week in October). I would not pay more than $ 550 for this trip because it is better to put money in his excursions.

Positive :

Great location: beach, mountains and city of Trinidad. Nice view from the upper chamber. The tours are a MUST! -Riding on mountain trails (30 CUC)-Hiking in the mountains with swimming in a beautiful natural pool with waterfall (37 CUC), apnea-catamaran in corals (10 CUC)-Scuba diving on site El Coral (64 CUC / 2 dives)-Visit to Trinidad (Taxi for 8 CUC). I suggest a restaurant meal Caribe Grill which is located 4 minutes by taxi from the hotel (Taxi = 4 CUC). Excellent lobster with rice with shrimp for 20 CUC. If you fancy a great meal at the beach ...

Negative :

Even the superior rooms are not so superior that it ... Employees are jaded and do not speak English. The buffet is very repetitive. I found it good but my friends were not the same opinion as me. The a la carte restaurant is disappointing as it serves the same food as the buffet (the aperture of 3 shrimp on my plate was the only difference). The snack bar serves not only as three things: pizza, sandwiches and fried ham and cheese. He stops his service pizza and fries at 19h ... So you will not eat sandwiches very good ... If you are lucky you may be vegetables on your pizza ... I want to mention that all this is that detail. Go there if you do not pay dear, go on trips with friends, do not dwell on minor gripes and you will leave with beautiful memories.
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