Véronique Mercier gives you is rating about Sol Cayo Santa Maria in Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba. » » Travel deals by Var Vacations" /> Véronique Mercier gives you is rating about Sol Cayo Santa Maria in Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba. » » Travel deals by Var Vacations" />
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Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba by Véronique Mercier at hotel Sol Cayo Santa Maria.

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13523 Véronique Mercier Written on July 31st 2008 This review has been automatically translated
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Comments from Véronique Mercier on Sol Cayo Santa Maria :

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Positive :

The Sol Cayo is a beautiful resort for people seeking tranquility without fuss. We have found the perfect rooms, we were 54 block overlooking the sea would probably need some renovations but it does not hinder the fact of a great stay. The buffet was perfect, we should not be too demanding of course, but everything was very good and the service impeccable. The Italian restaurant very good and very very fast (a little too much maybe). Creole is a notch below the Italian, but despite all that remains correct. Regarding the restaurant pizzeria from the beach, I would say it is perfect! Food service everything is extra, the server moves to the beach for the morning to take control of your drinks and serve you comes directly 2 feet in the sand! Very appreciated. They are always very smiling all the cook at the barmaid, people very endearing. We went almost every lunchtime this place is so beautiful and welcoming. For the pool view we are not there we went over there to enjoy the beach and c, is what we did. But the site is very nice and the bar staff very efficient for my taste. Clean side of the site we have found that everything was fine. We enjoyed the small local merchants who come each morning. Regarding the show, not, opinion because we do not see any! The beach is just fantastic. The beautiful sea. We were quoted naturist and tranquility and respect were much appreciated. The beach is very nice and no slope to reach the water as opposed to another part of the beach, but nothing insurmountable. We enjoyed the relaxed side of the place where one does not feel obliged to take on its 31 every night for supper, politeness, friendliness and helpfulness of the staff are noteworthy.

Negative :

The only negative will be released in our Catamaran. On a sea trip from 7am, we had allowed only 45 minutes of sailing on the middle of the afternoon, everything else engine!! And we did that skirt the ratings of hotels, which has absolutely no interest. We did two dives (1 morning 1 in the afternoon) on two different sites, nice, just nice. Remember, bring your scuba gear because they provide the bateu but since they do not have enough they go to a diver, another without cleaning of course!! Also a stop on a small uninhabited island at the edge of which we Dines. The meal is very good, lobster with rice and vegetables, excellent. The conclusion of this tour is pretty bad, it's a tourist grabs, I would not advise anyone because the fish we have seen already on the rocks at the end of the beach of Sol. While 72 cuc per person is highly exaggerated to hear an engine roronner all day!
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