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865 Sylvie Pariseau Written on January 13th 2008 This review has been automatically translated
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Comments from Sylvie Pariseau on Villa Coco :

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Positive :

Very nice little hotel, well located, with a beautiful beach not crowded at all. Great place if you want to rest. The staff is very courteous and if you have "problems" when the same shall settle fairly quickly. Bartender and server very courteous and ensure that your stay is enjoyable. Perfect place to make friends quickly because in one day you will know everyone in the complex. Buffet meals very delicious even if the choice is limited even when. (48 rooms) must be understood!

Negative :

Hotel full of potential but very poorly manage by Sunwing. According to Geo ca veint to be taken over by Sunwing since December 18, 2007 and is cetemps since they have many problems! If you buy this package commme being a VIP, beware that this is rubbish .... No welcome drink upon arrival, no enredistrement priority as mentioned, no beach towels in rooms (AC took us two days to get ours). The only true thing I could really benefit are the priority reservations at Oasis Playa restaurantd of which is located 10 km from here. Too bad there is no shuttle included to get there ... It is a bus between 9:15 hr and 16:00 hrs to spend the day at this beach (Playa Oasis) but it costs you 5 cuc per person round trip. So if you want to have dinner over there, you must move in a taxi and pay again for your pocket for the return trip. The problem is that there are few taxis available ..... You have to book in advance and hope it shows up on time or you will lose your booking the restaurant. Quick Tip: pay it back in only. This way you are certain he'll be back you up. No beach bars in every day and that of the main entrance was closed the whole time of our promise séjour.Ne person has to send an email because the internet is really slow, sometimes even connection impossible. If you want to go, you say that you do your own pleasures as after 9:30 p.m. hr there is nothing left to do. The bar remains open 24 hrs but you must make your own fun. Dependemment of what you need for your trip, you appreciate it anyway. Go with no expectations. enjoy the place to relax and make KnowledgeBase. The Geo organizes excursions 3 nights / wk of a disco for us but 2 of 3 nights we had transportation to get there ..... I would go back without a problem but do not pay more than $ 700-750 per person. Assuming you have to pay for other transportation as there is nothing to do around. I send you pictures of the place. will see, this is very beautiful.
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