Cayo-Coco / Cayo Guillermo, Cuba by beaverclaude at hotel Hotel Playa Coco. » » Travel deals by Var Vacations" /> Cayo-Coco / Cayo Guillermo, Cuba by beaverclaude at hotel Hotel Playa Coco. » » Travel deals by Var Vacations" />

Advices from beaverclaude about Hotel Playa Coco in Cayo-Coco / Cayo Guillermo, Cuba.

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825 beaverclaude Written on March 29th 2010 This review has been automatically translated
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Comments from beaverclaude on Hotel Playa Coco :

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Positive :

I can not say anything positive except on the staff of the lobby bar and not all the best Orlando and is the cook in the morning have nothing other to say

Negative :

Regarding this the hotel for me is going to Cuba two times a year for 7 years I have never seen anything more disgusting than this hotel room cleanliness so compelled to go to the doctor too much bite bugs in my bed 85 pesos more pills and two injections. The Italian and Japanese eat very good balance as everyone says the bait site in general so no room is clean and the dand Palmato view room the mother was forced to make industrial quantities of product metttre. Staff at the reception be more stupid than ca ca can not do this sourtout she named it the worst of Katia worse than I ever seen and fameuese map to our door every day rooms of force "to reactivate and make it 2 times not days trying to repair something ca forget this, but nothing for the quality of this price is worth the trouble and not even in terms of the range I thought I had seen the worst in Cayo Guillermo have nothing but my wife C, is a ouvcert foot with all the rock and coral in the sea and was looking good when the tide is based on both the lake-mountain looks better than AC and has 300 feet of beach on an entry of 50 feet or you can enter the sea without rocha but the other end and the beach is clean when we spent 15 dys it on the beach they never empty the trash before the deckchairs on the plage.Je am that this chain is not Spanish but Cuban and the stars may have oblier on 5 for me it's a big 3 to max and drink or ask a creme de menthe or amaretto after a 1 it remains more drinks mojitos from Cuba rare as the Pope shit but I advise you to pay a further $ 50.00 but avoid this hotel I was in a 3 and a half and much better than that 's the most hotel room that I don' 've ever seen in Cuba is the world ca property must be their first or they will travel in three and more but for me and many with whom we talk to find it really degeulasse and passing all of us were sick of maus stomach for food not fresh and I could write a long time but I lost two weeks of vacation and I would not like this happens to you while thinking in the right way and forget the price because it is really cheap AND the pool so champignos in together in the spa for a spa called
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