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Bermuda constitutes as a distinguished destination, the place of excellence for living a British experience without a capricious climate! Whether the reason is for the treated habitants, elegant cottages and well maintained, the numerous cultural activities or a general calm that you find in Bermuda, several details tend to remind us that it's a British outer-sea territory. Bermuda's eight 18 hole golf courses are among the best in the world. Each one of them proposes interesting particularities. For example the Royal Port Golf Course has a vast amount of activities outside of golfing and the Tucker's Point golf course is in between the rocks and the ocean, in an enchanting décor. You can choose whichever suits you! Other sports are also offered in Bermuda. Most of the hotels are located near the infrastructures to practice tennis, horseback riding, volleyball, and rock climbing. Nautical sports are also very popular in Bermuda. Along the coast are several onshore ship wrecks that reminisce the legend of the Bermuda Triangle. Those wrecks have been the object of several underwater visits. Sailing, windsurfing, sea doo and kayaking are the other activities practiced on the island. Bermuda also fascinates by its diverse culture. Museums, theatres, cinemas, cabarets, artisan markets, art galleries - travelers are often overwhelmed by the quantity of activities to do. Within the must-sees, a visit to Fort Saint Catherine is not to be missed. The view takes your breath away and the site is really well conserved. Another must-see is the Bermuda Aquarium. This place presents magnificent aquatic portraits and amazes the whole family! A walk in the city is always recommended, simply to admire numerous buildings and monuments of elegant architecture. Bermuda has so much to offer that you couldn't think of not going back!
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