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Belize is an incredible touristic destination, but it's mostly an unknown destination! A mixed, yet friendly population waits there, a savoring cuisine, a panoply of historical and archeological sites and a barrier reef that will take your breath away. You can visit all of this easily at Belize. From north to south there's only about 550 kilometers. What makes Belize so particular? First, you'll find a stunning authentic nature. You can visit numerous unusual parks. These natural havens are full of one flower and a very specific wildlife. Jaguars, lizards, snakes, primates, crocodiles, turtles, pumas – you can choose which ever sight for seeing your preferred animal! Many oceanic particularities also make Belize very attractive. The Great Blue Hole, a spectacular oceanic fault, is 300 meters in diameter and is definitely a must-see for addicts of underwater diving. As you dive a little further down the corridor you'll find stalactites nearly 15 meters long that may seduce most divers. For that, this makes the second largest barrier reef in the world an unnatural beauty. The fish and multicolored coral are found there and it's here that this spectacle is really appreciated. There is definitely no shortage on cultural activities. There are numerous Mayan sites to see. Among them, the sites of Lamanai and Altun Ha are appreciated for their proximity with the metropolis of Belize City. The pyramids found there are majestic and worth the detour. The Mayan site of Caracol is well known for being the highest Mayan pyramid in all Belize. Several other activities are possible. Hiking in the Mayflower Reserve, a walk in the street of Belize City, visiting the many museums or places around town; discover the local flavors, relax on the beach – there is so much to see at Belize! Unfortunately unknown, this destination is not yet very open to tourism. Take pleasure in discovering a magnificent country in its most natural state! Belize in few lines Currency: Belizean dollar (American dollar sometimes accepted) Language: Spanish Time Zone: same hour as Quebec Electricity: 100 volts Visitor documents required: Valid passport of six months and return flight. Population: About 320,000 National Dish: Beans and Rice with chicken, pork or beef Climate: Subtropical Pocket Dictionary Yes: Si No: No Thank you: Gracias It was nothing: De nada Please: Por favor Excuse: Disculpeme Hello: Hola Good night: Buenas noches Bye: Adios See you later: Hasta Good morning: Buenas dias Good afternoon: Buenas tardes Good evening: Luego Where's the bathroom? : Donde esta el bano? Who are you? : Como se llama usted? What is your name? : Cual es su nombre? How are you? : Como estas? Well: Bien Bad: Ma Facts and Customs At Berlize, speaking during a meal is considered impolite. Another impolite thing to do is not saying “hello” to a friend or someone you know in the street, even it's just a nod or a hand gesture. This well demonstrates that habitants of Belize are familiar within their neighborhood and their families.
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