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Antigua and Barbuda are two charming islands located north of Guadeloupe in the Caribbean Ocean. The most visited island is Antigua with a welcoming port, cruise lines and many other activities. Nautical sports, diving, golf, and historical visits - several attractions make Antigua Island a very interesting destination! Antigua has developed many nautical sports, a great pleasure for fans. From boating excursions to windsurfing and skiing, almost everything is offered in the pleasant ports of the island. The main aquatic attraction is diving. With many ship wrecks plotted on the island's south coast, Antigua makes dreams come true for explorers around the world. These wrecks are often surrounded by an enchanting décor composed notably of rocks, multicolored fish, sea sponges and coral. Besides nautical activities, Antigua also offers the chance for travelers to practice many sports on land. Tennis, volleyball, golf, horseback riding, hiking – a variety of sports are offered. Barbuda is not to be neglected! A little island sought for its tranquility, Barbuda is the ideal spot to relax for a day. You can go by plane in less than 30 minutes. Few things can be done on the island, expect reading a book or walking calmly on the island. Antigua and Barbuda are also a destination with a history to discover. Fort James is probably the most popular historical attraction. With a view of the hills and the ocean, it's an enchanting site. Saint John's Cathedral is also a must-see, especially for its elegant architecture. When night comes, the town of Saint John's in Antigua is a perfect place to hang out in bars and restaurants. Poker players will be satisfied by the multitude of casinos in the city. Some musical bars are also very popular on the island. Don't have anything to wear for your night out? The numerous boutiques of Saint John's will be waiting for you all day long!
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Grand Pineaple Beach, Antigua (Ile) Grand Pineaple Beach, Antigua (Ile) Jolly Beach Resort, Antigua (Ile) Jolly Beach Resort, Antigua (Ile) Jolly Beach Resort, Antigua (Ile)


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