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Cancun, Mexico by Sebastien Hall at hotel Barcelo Tucancun Beach.

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1718 Sebastien Hall Written on September 28th 2008 This review has been automatically translated
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Comments from Sebastien Hall on Barcelo Tucancun Beach :

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Positive :

a la carte restaurant made it her all around good time at your perder not bufet except for the breakfast bar her very well the range of a good wave if you love to be soldered by wave c instead you can surf the same room its very well spend two weeks g excellent agreement if you love feast c instead of every room is very interesting large balconies to relax in the evening overlooking the sea or the lagoon prixson very affordable and what about volleyball in the swimmingpool the 3 bar swimmingpool swimmingpool dan the immence picine keep you in for your trip worth his catamaran dive soumarine pyramid plnifienr watercraft 50 has $ 125 per trip per person for a return excurtion al journer of glass 18h hotel safe journey to all

Negative :

the beach has a good length MAIT swimmable on very narrow and rock largrge not pay attention MAIT quen beaucoup pleasure even if you have a vague love the bar closes early midnight 1 am if you have to go to town 65 percent of goal and it i hotel is 10 minutes if vou buillant vouler calm request a room on the 6 th floor or go to the grand oasis the public toilet on the site to be desired lese parfoi keep your sandal in the toilet if you have 5 minutes to go to your room instead there is no problem just is no solution MAIT is a bar fridge in each hotel lobby Allor 2 aporter you drink and enjoy your balcony it's asser intimate
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