Gran Bahia Principe Cayo Levantado hotel, Samana rated by maryssay1 travelling in Dominican Republic » » Travel deals by Var Vacations" /> Gran Bahia Principe Cayo Levantado hotel, Samana rated by maryssay1 travelling in Dominican Republic » » Travel deals by Var Vacations" />

Advices from maryssay1 about Gran Bahia Principe Cayo Levantado in Samana, Dominican Republic.

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Positive :

Temperature very beautiful and very hot (almost too much, June is the hottest month of the year in Samana). We arrived at night but check-in went very smoothly before taking the boat. Then, arrived on the island, waiting for us with cold towels and glasses of non-alcoholic punch. Excellent. The hotel gardens are beautiful, I have nothing to say against it, they are really beautiful. The beaches are fine, I preferred against by the public beach. The pools are correct but it seems to me that in high season, the number and size should be sufficient. The buffet was decent, smallish but still always good fish and seafood often too. I personally do not like buffets but I can tell you that the quality of the food that was served there, no problem. The view from the room is breathtaking 19,103.

Negative :

We booked a deluxe junior suite, that is to say with Jacuzzi on the balcony. These rooms are located in buildings 8-9-10 and 16-17-18-19. We first chamber 9102. Many problems with this room: cockroaches, shower did not work, patio door opened easily, coffee machine did not work, containing a tiny terrace jacuzzi, two chairs, two chairs and a table where it was impossible to move . The next day we got the room 19103 which, according to the concierge, was smaller, which does not seem to be the case. Much more divided (these rooms have a lounge and bedroom, two televisions) and the terrace was at least three times greater with the bay a few feet, we also had a second balcony at the front. In my opinion, this is the best room in this category (there are only 21 deluxe junior suite, 3 per building). We have had problems there too by cons: Shower (flooding every time) that have been repaired after two days, a toilet seat that has been repaired torn after a day and a few cockroaches. There was also a broken window at the entrance to the room they decided to placard and a hole in the patio door before they were covered with "scotch tape". The a la carte restaurants are good but I was sick for four days after eating at the Italian. It's very dark in this restaurant and after having already started eating my salmon, I realized, when approaching the candle, it was undercooked. Actually, I was very ill afterwards. It was no mere "tourist", although many seem to have suffered for 24 hours. It was good bacteria since the only thing to help was the Cipro. The trips took place only towards the end of the week: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, so I was disappointed. On Wednesday, I made the National Park Los Haitises, it was good but not great. On Thursday, I had to El Limon, but I was sick. On Friday, the jeep safari (Samana runners), I was still sick but it was canceled anyway because too many people were sick. Obviously, I was unlucky in many ways (I even "propped up" in the wet paint because there was no warning about it) so take my criticism with a grain of salt because I assume that my experience is not common. My mother was there a month before me and this was his best trip for life.
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