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Positive :

Hotel: very nice hotel in Mayan style architecture. Very nice room very clean in every corner with lounge. Bathroom with tub and shower sets with apple, apple mobile 6 small jets. Ironing board and iron. Very well soundproofed room. You hear only the noise in the hallways. There are lifts to practice when you're three floors. We had the room to a bottle of Tequila and fruit basket. I was in the Mayan section in block Kamal to 6 min. the center of the beach and 5 min. the buffet. I was in room 2840 on the 3rd floor overlooking the sea No need to commute. I asked one day before departure to the concierge to have dinner because my husband had injured his leg in volleyball. Maya is the section closest to the beach. The pool at the beach 3 min. The blocks are furthest from about ten minute from the beach. There are three pools and a huge pool for children. I liked the Lazy River. I went there frequently. 12 minutes to float at the mercy of the water winds its way through the field. There is a small botanical garden beautiful. Most tourists are Canadian and American English. The Quebec and Europe are in the minority at this time of year. There are different colors of bracelets. Mayan Blue River (adult) yellow (child) Riviera Maya transparent (adult) Green (child) and orange for Americans traveling with the agency Apple. Food: I made 6 a la carte restaurants. All good. My favorite Rancho. A buffet lunch at the pool Maya and another at the pool and Mayan big buffet. The buffets are very well stocked pools. Varied evening buffet, this is the first time I have not let me do a spaghetti with a very good choice at the buffet. Sushi at will in the evening where the theme is Asian. There is also a snack at the beach. Lunch at the big buffet and continental breakfast at our pool. I even ate very well too. The staff is very courteous. There is a juice bar, fruit and vegetables near the beach my favorite juice Ischel. Wed: It was a beautiful two weeks. The first week not too good for snorkeling. Cloudy water. But the second week I loved snorkeling there. Noose when the sea is calm it is very good. I saw among others a beautiful blue stripe, a brown moray which made me feel uncomfortable being alone at sea. The second week my husband was one of the catamaran. He was told that he was not able to return, he charged $ 50. to get him. Show: All right compared to some hotels I've already done. Lion King and Black Light cute, Broadway and Las Vegas good. My favorite Las Vegas.

Negative :

For entry into the Sea of ??shoes it takes less than a swim on the side of the sea doo and kayaks. You can go the distance on the seaside, for me it does not bother me. Animation on the beach almost nonexistent, volleyball only. At the pool aerobics and water polo game or quiz kind of songs guess nothing too exciting.
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