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Barcelo Punta Cana hotel, Punta Cana rated by Maxime Thibault travelling in Dominican Republic

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1846 Maxime Thibault Written on February 7th 2008 This review has been automatically translated
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First trip to the south and not the last, the hotel is great! ROOM: The rooms are okay for the size, it could be bigger but hey, you're for the beach and sun! We stayed in room 6212, it was a little damp smell on arrival but leaving open the patio door with the door of the room the smell did not stay. The bathroom is huge with a bath-shower with a bench at one end ceramic, toilet and bidet and a large counter-sink. The only thing small thing, we had trouble to have two nights of wipes but I think this is the general history in the south. RESTAURANTS: Reservations are made in advance before we arrived and in our case étaients very late hours (9:00 to 9:30) but we convenais perfectly. You can try to change them but why when stressed with AC is to be rested it's just one less thing to think! We are going to Tokyo, Rome, Paris and Dominican and we all loved. Tokio for the cooking show and we had a funny little masterpiece. The roma offered the true Italian food. The Paris was excellent (best 4) and offered food Domican country despite the presence of a few in different buffets. SERVICES: We have been very well served because my travel colleague spoke very good Spanish, so we recognize and we were always well served. If we talk to them with a smile, a Hola, per a favor and gracias people are extremely nice. If you are the type to want to make you treated King and do tipant never forgot her, this is a people proud and not stupid! BEACH-Wed: During our week there was a lot windy (red flag and yellow desfois) The sea was agitated and huge waves but we loved her greatly. The sand is as white powder (beautiful) I think the beach is at its best at the Barcelo Punta Cana (due to length) and the Gran Paradise (neighbor) in front of the Majestic (2nd neighbor) because s 'is the peak and it looks like the beach sand has a walk before Wed Pratiquemenet no algae on the beach and only a day in the water in small quantities. BARS: Several bars in the complex. Only negative desfois many people at the beach bar so it will go faster in the lobby. Best Mojitos are made by Esteban near the playa. At the Lobby Bar, Sander always welcome you with a beautiful smile. EXCURSION: We have not made the trip so a note. We were there to rest. My friend came out to travel Mango (Bar 10-15 min taxi) and two evening she really tripe. I think the animators organizes two evenings at the output there. GENERAL: This is a 4 star and I have not evaluated the comparative but I think it is an excellent choice. The hotel is huge (a large building divided into sections) but all is close and well done. The hotel is exclusive to Transat holiday in Canada so many Canadians (900 of 1600 people + / -) I recommend it a lot.
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