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Holguin / Guardalavaca, Cuba by sonyaloiseau at hotel Blau Costa Verde.

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7065 sonyaloiseau Written on November 3rd 2008 This review has been automatically translated
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Positive :

I stayed at the Blau Costa Verde from 26 October to 2 November. I booked with Sunwing for the rum bottle (1L) and other free extras which we enjoyed. I thought this place was very neat, freshly painted, the floors are always clean, my room (3408) was always clean, even the day or I forgot to put a tip in the morning, the evening I had beautiful mountains with towels. The bathroom is huge, television and safe functioning of reliability is electronic code that we choissons when we arrived, it's very safe. The mini bar was almost always filled. The food was okay, there was always something that made my pork is excellent affaire.Le è Cuba, all the sauces. Inside the restaurant or the buffet is good it must be 35 degrees, it is very hot and the seats outside are limited. Arrive early or late to eat outside if the heat and humidity apéttit the cut. The hours are from 07h30 to 10h30, from 12h30 to 14h30 and from 18h30 to 21h30. I have not had Bed Bugs but other guests complained of bites at night so bring a product that kills insects and put in your mattress on arrival, it will prevent you from scratch all night. It is nonetheless a very good hotel, if it does not rain, ca be fine. I think I would go back to this hotel for a quiet holiday, there is not much available apart from the trips that are enough chères.Et should shine this time! Drive around the beach took us 25 minutes to go retour.Le sand is great, there are some nice small shells and small crabes.C 'was very good. Bon voyage!

Negative :

Unfortunately, he has 2 days on wet days was 6.2 other dark clouds and wind ... So the shows at night were made inside and lacked space so the sound was not good. Also, it was innodé around the hotel because of heavy rain, it was very slippery everywhere, there were seals in the grandeur of the hotel ... The poor cleaning ladies were that they could but the rain was torrential so .... Not many dance shows ... more than music and singing and there is no room for dancing during the performances so why not hear it from the room .... The season is so low that there were eight open square of the buffet, the choice was rather small but everything was good. The rain is still in the game, I have not been able to tour .. They all cancellées summers and e have been repaid. We have no choice but to take trips with the hotel because there is no nearby town to get the bargain. There is not much below 65 CUC apart from a visit to Holguin. Apart Hotels in hand, we can not go walking into town to eat or else ... it is isolated. There has Guardalava 20 minutes .... but good luck for the bus, it broke down twice in amount there ... the coach is safer but more expensive ;) There are many small fire ships to 'extérieur.Si you're the type to get bitten ... you will be full of bites there too. I got a score over the entire body, which is good compared to others or it neared the 50. My boyfriend him ... 5 or 6 in all ... It depends on people I guess ... The day it's going, it's more in the evening around 5:00 p.m.-16 when they get out of wearing long to have dinner . Ah yes! And if you like a coffee at breakfast, you must sign the waitresses arrived because there is no self-service coffee and sometimes, take ca 20 minutes before having a cup ... then we must remember to bring the tip as the morning, otherwise the service is poor the rest of the semaine.Et qunad we give the same tip, I did not feel that the servers remembered that I tipait .. . the service was still very slow when même.Mais good ... you're on vacation! So I think we need more TIPER for the principle that to improve the service! This comment applies to servers, bars, when you tipes, you have great service and cocktails are very good.
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