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5446 charles55 Written on June 22nd 2008 This review has been automatically translated
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Positive :

The Cuatro was my favorite in Cuba, of all trips made in this country (4) up to now it is my favorite. This hotel is great if you want to go out as it is in the center and you can take a walk without having to take transport, a few blocks from the park Josone (nature park in the city), market the chip, restaurant ect. The room (section Colonial) very pretty without fancy but very comfortable, comfortable mattresses (the first time in all my travels in Cuba) staff VERY friendly and I never felt that the service was with the tips, although on we know that people make their salaries with those it so be generous. The beautiful beach, the animation is still present on the site, no disco on site but outside you can find. Several Cuban force themselves to speak French. Some fail to smile at first contact but if they made a real smile that comes so easily and then they make you. For the food we forget that we are in Cuba, the buffet is not extensive but there is always a little something to put in their mouths, the morning break for dinner, pizza, french fries hot dog Hamberger toasted sandwiches in fact things simple and acceptable to the taste. The Cuba restaurant (a map) then the hat has to lick the fingers, three different menu but just as good as each other, and what about the service and looks like a 5 star restaurant. Something else for francophones who love watching TV 2 station TVA and TV5 French world.

Negative :

For the pool .... it was under renovation but do not worry they had finished the work the day before we left, she was filling, the comments of those who went before us said that the painting of the pool was in poor condition They have redone all ceramic and is now very beautiful, though shallow. They offered us a bottle of rum in compensation for this inconvenience but we have not been hit by this inconvenience as we go to sea and not for the pool. I have very few negative comments to make on this place.
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