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Comments from Hugo on Tryp Cayo Coco :

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Positive :

The beaches are beautiful. The a la carte restaurants are very good in general (we had a VIP pass so we could try them all). The best is internationnal (book early or risk having even fewer choices for a la carte dinners). The best restaurant for dinner is ready for the beach, it gives a super nice view of the beach. The animation is good at the pool. The customer service is excellent in the lobby.

Negative :

Unfortunately, it was very cold (bad luck), the pools are not heated and the water was very cold (even after having stayed a while), so I would advise to go to another time of year if you want to go to this hotel. The general appearance of the hotel needs a good cooling, it lacks the paint everywhere, the furnishings are old (for cons, the day we left, he seemed to receive new furniture for the lobby, they can go be doing the same for the whole site). The buffet was really ordinary, this is perhaps due to the severe cold weather we had, but the buffet food was cold (even the morning after waiting in line up to get lunch). The staff in general seemed to work blazer (especially the guy at the BBQ near the pool, it was really slow). He missed a little of everything in bars, there was only one bar or he was making mojitos and it was almost impossible to have ... We made two trips, the first was the bar in a cave. It was very disappointing, it was almost impossible to get to the bar and pay only a Cuban beer cans in small plastic cups and he does not hurry even with pesos (money loss). We also did the catamaran, which was fine but there was not tons of fish and corals and stop on an island was rather suspicious since it was not up to the edge, he had to jump the boat to get there by swimming (not very convenient especially when it's cold). We make masks plunged and there are plenty more fish and corals near the beach (I advise you to make you save 80 pesos). The rooms were good in general except that there was a damp smell, the maids except the bare necessities. I would not recommend the VIP package, the only advantage was the a la carte restaurants and a 5-10 pesos you can certainly find a place.
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