Natura Park Hotel hotel, Punta Cana rated by chantoud travelling in Dominican Republic » » Travel deals by Var Vacations" /> Natura Park Hotel hotel, Punta Cana rated by chantoud travelling in Dominican Republic » » Travel deals by Var Vacations" />

Advices from chantoud about Natura Park Hotel in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

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16960 chantoud Written on January 31st 2012 This review has been automatically translated
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Comments from chantoud on Natura Park Hotel :

Very nice place though the storefront should be redone because it needs a facelift. The temperature is mignifique but very windy. The site is not too large. We do not need to take shuttle buses to go to the beach, which is a very good point. Even if plenty of people, the staff of the buffet is organized so that there is no waiting, good turnover of food. Everything is well prepared: the lobby, buildings, driveways to get there, the restaurants etc. ... Very nice hotel although many negatives to see below, but it was still a nice trip since met people very sympatic.

Positive :

In terms of cleanliness is excellent. The staff is smiling. The sand of the beach is great and beautiful palm trees. The room is large with many amenities. Beautiful balcony for coffee in the morning. The buffet food is varied although say people. If they find that lack of variety is that they take the same things. Have to try something new. The restaurants in the cards are almost a 5 * here. Trees and flowers are well entrenus. Every day, the Dominicans spend the rake and clean the site properly.

Negative :

The sea, not that it is not maintained. The waves bring back so many algae, they (employees) pick up the damn salad all day without arrêt.Ills work very hard. But it remains difficult to swim. In terms of snorkeling, I do not see or we can do. The sale should be limited on the beach. They are so present and ......... harcelents. The solicitation and at hotels wholes, is omnipresent. There must be at the very least twenty boats in front of the hotels that are walking, sometimes with a parachute, sometimes with bananaboat, helicopters, catamaran ......... They ask us on earth, in water and in the air. As for wine ......... infects. We forget that. Whether red wine, white, sparkling ...... if you want to drink, to be bought. It's funny, when people have finished dinner, the wine glasses are always full. By cons, they sell. He yes even at the buffet. So when they say all inclusive ...... must add the price of wine or drink pepsi. Another thing that was bad ..... music. No music anywhere and when we managed to get, it's American. No local music at least, at this hotel. One last point ......... dégatif prices. If you're ever been to Cuba, we realize that in the Republic, the price of things you can buy is 3-4 times more expensive than in Cuba. We must negotiate with them very tight. Kind a bottle of Mamajuana which is $ 35. American, we have negotiated up to $ 10. $ 45 for a dress. (Theft) traded at $ 20. So if you do not turn the "dealer" Remember ca. By cons, if you are a small group (4 people) go to small flea market in nearby off-site. It's worth it but again, they are harcellants and attention, if you negotiate something at the beginning and you do not buy, they phone to tell them the price negotiated for the not too down.
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