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Advices from Frimousse99 about Ixtapa in Mexico, Mexico.

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Comments from Frimousse99 on Ixtapa :

The counter staff is efficient, friendly and they speak French, English and Spanish of course. All have sea view The hotel and its surroundings: Very very VERY clean, quiet and the scenery is magnificent, walking on the site is very nice, safe day or night. It is also a site not too large (in the 275 rooms). It's very warm and friendly. The hotel itself is not new but well maintained SO MUCH! Rooms: The rooms are spacious, clean, furniture is old but adequate. The bed was very comfortable with own bathroom ventilation not great, I never had any problems with hot water or water pressure, no matter what time of the shower in room Frigo Not many chairs but pretty good on the beach. But what I was pleasantly surprised and made happy, it is mostly below the chairs were wooden palapas to sit we cushions, and in good condition, the palapas were wide and providing shade and that the trees lining the back of the beach and also providing shade. Swimming: This is where the animation is happening, but no blaring music or entertainers for you achalent participer.Les chairs around the pool wide and comfortable. There are several, but obviously it is the shadow that is the problem some have umbrellas. The pool is separated into two parts, a deep (within 4 feet and nine and there is also a small section barbotteuse child. No Spa. It's ultra clean, and there is a bar serving the pool and beach very popular where people go for their drinks but we also had the service on the beach and the pool who came to take our orders and came to serve us. Bouffe (buffet, snack bar: There was a buffet for lunch, dinner and dinner at home and many times we also had dinner in buffet out there or the theater at night. The room is large, split in two (section buffet and à la carte dinner) The service is courteous and rapideLe night there was a buffet for each theme: short, something for everyone! I would say a buffet worthy of a good four and a half stars, but everything is hot when it should be warm, and cold when it should be cool ! Meat well cooked, not too much, and it would be very difficult not to find something to his taste. There is a snack bar at the pool, but we only went once. The usual things : hamburgers, hot dogs with sausages, pizza, natchos sickening with homemade salsa, very good fries, chicken and grilled fish, a small salad bar.

Positive :

Beautiful sandy beach with no waste. I would say that this beach is beautiful and we can do long walks very early employees clean the beaches and they are no algae and pass with a tractor to pick everything up. I would say that apart from the cigarette butts left by smokers (please, take any container and mash them in!), A very clean beach.

Negative :

The rough seas. The sand is golden brown sugar but the sand gets very hot from 10:00 in the morning, you have to run to fall on the wet sand.
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