René Lepage gives you is rating about Iberostar Ensenachos in Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba. » » Travel deals by Var Vacations" /> René Lepage gives you is rating about Iberostar Ensenachos in Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba. » » Travel deals by Var Vacations" />

Advices from René Lepage about Iberostar Ensenachos in Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba.

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8013 René Lepage Written on February 2nd 2009 This review has been automatically translated
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Comments from René Lepage on Iberostar Ensenachos :

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Positive :

Beautiful resort and much, much, much vegetation, palm trees and many beautiful, good choice of drinks at the bars, a large entrance hall remarkable, beautiful pool with water bar, good service from staff, of beautiful rooms, tranquility, intimacy and everything to all people who seek the quietude of a very removed from urban life.

Negative :

From the airport to the hotel ... whew .... 1 1/2 of crooked, narrow and very rough to go on a pier about 30 kl in the ocean with a narrow and no safeguards, hoping the bus driver did not discomfort, otherwise it is a plunge into the ocean ......... On arrival, we were together like sheep in a lil 'room to a young dictator dictates the rules of the hotel and 30 minutes later we were handed an envelope with our keys and it is the free for all of suitcases left and right, the vegetation is so dense that hardly see no blocks, ... finally arrived at block 23 to see that our request was for a 2nd floor but the floor and the patio is in the bush ...... Fortunately the beautiful caretaker (Norrel) was there, a 10 pesos tip so that it takes care of us up to 2nd floor, and after three days of futile request, we have finally unpacked our bags on the ground floor a little disappointed ....... It's cold in 5 days dressed as in autumn and two sunny days with a beautiful 25 degrees. The food in the cafeteria is very ordinary against by the Punta del ¨ ¨ pirate (seafood) is excellent and the Italian. Tour, the ride from the airport to the hotel we had met. There so much to vegetation and palm trees at the pool in the sun squares that are in high demand! In general., This is a beautiful place but it was to the idea of ??a beautiful palace right in the ocean and as far from civilization, Cuba is an island already!!! !!!! But it's still beautiful., And glad you visited!!!!!
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