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Air Transat
20kg for checked luggage and 10kg for hand luggage in economy class. 40kg and 15kg in club class. CAN $ 15 per kilo excess up to a maximum of 32kg. Folding Stroller + car seat at no charge but you must notify the travel agent.
For more details, click here.
Thomas Cook
5kg hand luggage. 15kg to 30kg for checked baggage depending on the specification listed on the ticket.
20 kg for checked luggage and 5kg for hand luggage. Elite Plus Service authorizes up to 30kg.
1 877 737-7001
Carry-ons : 1 item with a dimension of 53 cm x 23 cm x 38 cm (21 in x 9 in x 15 in) and 1 personal item of 41 cm x 15 cm x 33 cm (16 in x 6 in x 13 in) (exemples : backpack, suitcase, cages, briefcase)
Checked Baggage : 2 23 kg luggage.

Additional luggage

Second bag : 20$ - 23 kg maximum. Third and fourth bags : 75$/bag Overweight : 50$ per bag (maximum of 45kg) Oversize : 50$ per item (158 cm to 200 cm) Montego Bay : Guests are not permitted to bring a third or fourth bag, nor is oversized or overweight luggage allowed.

Sporting equipment
Please refer to westjet page
Cubana Airlines
5kg cabin luggage 23kg for checked baggage 30kg in tropical class
10kg cabin luggage. Two 20kg luggage total per person
First Air
1-800-267-1247/administration 1-613-254-6200
cabin luggage: 20kg + 10kg
COPA Airlines
23 kg per passenger
Air Canada
1 regular bag. Max. weight per bag: 23kg (50lb. 2nd baggage fee – Mexico, Caribbean & Costa Rica Air Canada has revised its checked baggage policy as per the following:

Bookings made the or prior to : September 7th 2011
For a trip after : October, 11th 2011
(excl. Prestige, Elite, Super Elite & Star Alliance Gold)
Class Destination 1st lugguage 2nd lugguage
Economy To and from USA
(including Hawaii, excl. Puerto Rico)
$25 CAD/US
Each segment (was free)
$35 CAD/US
Each segment (no change)
Economy To and from international
(excl. Japan, Brasil& Venezuela)
No change
$70 CAD/US
per segment (was free)
Business Class All Destinations 2 free lugguages
(was 3)

Hand Lugguage
Note: The Caribbean: no change (including Puerto Rico) : 1 free lugguage 23kg
Since September 2012, a new directive from Cuban customs oblige passengers to not have any alcohol bottles in their hand baggage. Those bottles should be placed in checked baggage. Passengers should be noticed by air compagny when baggages are checked in.
For Cuba, 2 lugguages of total combined 23kg are now allowed per passenger.
With HolaSun (CaribeSol) the Canjet traveller is allowed 30kg if travelling 14 days or more.

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