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Our warranty "La Totale"

What are de details about the refund in case of a price drop?

This procedure applies ONLY to new web booking The request must be made within 7 days (168 hours) after the booking.

The request must be made 18 days (432 hours) before the departure.

The Guarantee is Not applicable when there is a programming error.

Not applicable for a tour operator promotional package or for any tour operator limited promotion.

It can only be applied once per booking and at the time chosen by the customer himself, within all regulations established before.

The travel credit check will be valid for a period of one year from the original request date, and applicable only on new bookings.

A maximum of $ 150.00 per adult, or a minimum of $ 5.00 per adult will be granted. The entire promotion has a maximum value of $ 500,000.00.

The request must be made for the EXACT same package with the same tour operator, at the same time of travel, with the same inclusions and the same flight.

Subject to change and / or end without any further notice. All details to this promotion are avalable on our website at www.VARvacations.com.

The client loses his Rewards Club points and his gift certificates.

A complete holiday package includes round-trip flight, all-inclusive hotel room for a minimum of 7 nights, transfers between airport and hotel and back. Also, a tour operator's representative will be available for you at your destination. This promotion may be modified or canceled at any time without further notice. Not applicable to any discounted package available in our Rewards Club or through our newsletter.

Only one credit voucher will be issued for the entire booking with the name of each passenger entitled to the travel credit. The voucher must be fully and completely used on one sole new booking. If, for some reason, not all passengers are travelling on the new booking, the travel credit will only apply to those travelling. The travel credit is always issued on behalf of all passengers on the original booking. This promotion can not be combined with any similar promotion from any tour operator. Keep in mind that priority is always given to the Tour operator. With its website, www.VARvacations.com, Var vacations is, at all time, committed to always offer the LOWEST PRICE possible, under the terms and conditions of each and every tour operator. When applying for the "La Totale" Guarantee, the client must follow some simple procedures available on our website at www.VARvacations.com. The newest low price will be available at www.VARvacations.com upon request. The screenshot of the new price must be made within 15 minutes before sending the email. After submitting your application, you will receive an email with all details and procedures to be followed. Any attempt to fraud will automatically cancel the client rights to receive added values and travel credit. latotale@voyagesarabais.com

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