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Land excursions

  • Lists of people who want to take part in organized land excursions fill up quickly. If you did not make a land excursion reservation before departure, we recommend that you do so as soon as you board the ship.
  • Do not forget to plan a budget for expenses during excursions. Prices can vary widely depending on the port of call, the cruise line company and the offered activities.
  • If you are elderly or if you have restricted mobility, please verify with the cruise line company that all ports of call can meet your needs.
  • It is never mandatory to participate in organized excursions. You are usually welcome to explore the port cities and take in the sites on your own.
  • If you choose to explore a port of call on your own, do not lose track of time! If you miss the ship's departure, you will be required to make your way to the ship's next port of call at your own expense.
  • During an excursion, always bring ID with you as well as your travel information (the name of your ship and the quay number where it is moored). Also bring a photocopy of your passport.
  • During an excursion, leave your valuables on board, including credit cards and cash that you do not expect to need.
  • Reduce risks during land excursions by booking with your cruise line company or with a travel agency; this way, you will be sure they will look after your personal safety and will ensure all equipment used during activities is safe for you.
  • Before leaving the ship for a land excursion, check the ship's departure time from the port of call. The ship will not wait for you if you are late to return. Excursions offered by the company guarantee an on-time arrival. Independent travelers will need to be punctual and informed of the departure time.
  • We recommend that you wear convenient/sports clothes and comfortable shoes. If you visit a place of worship, we suggest that you wear a more appropriate outfit.

Good to know : A port of call is never guaranteed; the cruise line company has the right to change its itinerary at any point.

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