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+ Luggage for cruises

+ What to put in a suitcase?

+ Documents to keep during the trip

+ Cabin types

+ Difference between single occupancy and double occupancy

+ Difference between a guaranteed cabin and an assigned cabin

+ Upgrade procedure

+ Choosing dinner time

+ Smoking and non-smoking environment on the ship

+ Instructions to bring alcohol on the ship

+ What is included on board?

+ Plan for expenses

+ Suggested amount for tips

+ Soft drinks on board

+ Harbour taxes for cruises

+ Travel insurance for cruises

+ Tasks to complete before cruise departure

+ Procedures when boarding the cruise ship

+ Sea Pass card or Sail & Sign (depending on the cruise line company)

+ Cash deposit

+ Procedures upon arrival to port

+ Your cruise reservation

+ Special needs on cruises

+ Sea sickness on board

+ Hurricane at sea

+ Entertainment while at sea

+ Children on cruises

+ Log book and other documents on cruises

+ Staff on board

+ Land excursions

+ Glossary of terms relating to cruises

+ Health

+ General advice

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