Terms and Conditions

VarVacations.com is a trademark and is managed by the compagny 9129-2367 Quebec Inc. corporation,established as part of the Companies Act of Quebec. (VarVacations.com hereinafter called the travel agency chosen by the client user)

If you do not understand the conditions, please consult a VarVacations.com conselor or any other person of your choice in order to clarify the issue before booking.

The act of making a reservation confirms understanding and acceptance of terms and conditions listed below.

You can now book your trip safely. If you need information or clarification regarding the choice of your destination or to plan your itinerary, we recommend you contact our travel consultants by online chat or by email at the address listed below . A transactional website for VarVacations.com is of maximum safety. Take note, however, that the use of this site means you automatically accept the general conditions set by wholesalers and / or service providers and travel services and it is your responsibility to consult them. You are thus subject to the following conditions and those set by wholesalers and / or suppliers.

  1. Role of VarVacations.com

    We are an established travel agency in Quebec. We are a travel retailer, holds a Quebec permit and supervised by the Office of Consumer Protection. VarVacations.com does not act as a wholesaler or supplier. VarVacations.com acts as agent for your products and travel services on our site. These benefits are provided or organized by independent companies of VarVacations.com. We act as your agent when we book and transfer, on your behalf, your reservation request and payment to the wholesaler and / or supplier of the journey you have chosen. We also act as an agent of the wholesaler or supplier when we send you confirmation of booking and travel documents.

  2. No advice when you purchase online

    (On an online booking and puchase on our website, VarVacations.com cannot evaluate your needs and expectations. You assume by yourself the choice of trip that you have chosen as described exclusively from the wholesaler and / or supplier. VarVacations.com assumes no responsibility concerning the accuracy or validity of any information provided by wholesalers and / or suppliers. However, if you wish to be advised or informed on you holiday choice or travel, you can contact the agency conselors by email or online chat.)

  3. Responsibility

    (It is your sole responsibility to certify to be at least 18 years old and be empowered by law to enter into this Agreement, to buy online in accordance with the conditions set out therein. Vou assume full financial responsibility for your use of the transactional secured website VarVacations.com. You also warrant that all information provided in connection with the use of that site by you or users of your computer, is true and accurate.)

  4. Travel Documents

    (It is your responsibility to have in your possession all travel documents, passports, visas, etc. and the vaccines required by the authorities of the country where you stay, and this, at your expense. If you do not know what documents you may need, please contact the consulates or embassies of the countries you visit. The traveler who does not have the necessary documents for travel may be denied access on board the carrier or entry to the country of transit or final destination. In such cases, cancellation charges apply and VarVacations.com takes no responsibility.)

    VarVacations.com or any of its representatives can not be held responsible if a traveler does not have the necessary documents to travel booked with us.

    Some special documents may be required for minors traveling by themselves or for a single parent traveling with a child or children. In no time, VarVacations.com can not not be held responsible for the lack of a travel document. VarVacations.com recommends to all its customers to carry a valid passport and whatever their destination.

  5. General conditions of the wholesalers and/or Suppliers

    The purchase of travel services are subject to the conditions and limitations of the wholesaler and / or supplier, your vouchers and tickets. The general conditions of the wholesalers and suppliers are available on this site before booking and enter your purchase. When you give your credit card number to buy a travel service, confirm you have read and accepted these Terms and the wholesaler and / or supplier terms. The general conditions of the wholesalers and suppliers generally include fees for cancellations or changes to your purchases. You must also pay particular attention to deadlines for you to check at airports, usually three (3) hours before departure, the availability of services to and the possibility that changes to flights or hotels. the availability of services to and the possibility that changes to flights or hotels. Always confirm your flights 24 hours or less before departure. VarVacations.com being not involved in the preparation, the organization or the representation of products and services that are part of travel services on site, including the packages witch the realisation engage only the wholesaler or the supplier of te product or travel service de voyage you would have purchased, VarVacations.com disclaims all liability in this regard and for any damage, loss, theft, accident or injury occurred during the participation of a traveler.

  6. Price and other informations

    (All the travel services you purchase through this website will be delivered according to their availability. All prices listed on the site VarVacations.com are in canadian dollars, unless something else is indicated. They include federal and provincial taxes but do not include shipping cost if applicable. Service charge up to $ 60.00 CAD (TPS/TVQ included) may, depending on the type of booking,may be charged for each flight ticket issued. If so, service charge will be included in final price. The purchase price of any journey is one that will be communicated at the time of your purchase. VarVacations.com is not responsible for any price changes can occur before you have completed your online purchase.)

  7. Note on prices in Quebec

    (Some jurisdictions regulate the publicity surrounding the price of travel and other tourism services by notably requiring wholesalers and suppliers to indicate only, or predominantly, the total cost to pay for the service announced (including taxes, service feesor other incidental expenses). This rule does not apply in all provinces of Canada.)

    No matter where you live, laws and regulations applicable in the Province of Quebec, judicial district of Trois-Rivières, will be those related to your booking with our agency.

  8. Misprints and Errors, availability, price and products order

    (Information and prices for travel are provided directly by wholesalers and / or suppliers. It is possible that mistakes printing and other types of errors occur. Consequently, VarVacations.com and its suppliers reserve the right to correct prices and charges for products and services offered through the website at any time, without notice or any other person and without liability to you or any other person. In addition, VarVacations.com can not guarantee that products and services advertised on the site will be available when you want to buy them or thereafter. In addition, VarVacations.com and suppliers reserve the right to refuse to correct or cancel a BOOKING and not respond to a request for availability of a trip. If you wish to purchase products or services where the price is wrong, VarVacations.com and its suppliers reserve the right to refuse your offer and notice you by phone or email. The products and services are always subject to availability at time of purchase.)

  9. Purchase of travel services and / or method of payment

    (The travel services that you want to buy must be paid, either by an account required and a balance on a date specified in the transaction, or fully at time of purchase by credit card and the transaction is done directly on the site. If the required account option is chosen, failure to make the final payment on the date specified will result in the cancellation of your bookingand the total amount of account will not be refunded. VarVacations.comis not responsible for payment omissions. You can pay using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, subject to restrictions of the various tour operators.)

  10. Online purchase processing

    (It is only when you provide your credit card number, either for the required deposit or final payment of your booking that the contract is concluded and finalized, and you fully accept the general conditions of the supplier. Before this moment, you have no obligation to VarVacations.com and the suppliers are have no obligation whatsoever. When you give your credit card number on the website VarVacations.com to pay a trip, You agree to immediately pay the required account and the remaining on the date specified at the time of the transaction or the total cost of this booking. your credit card account will be immediately debited with the amount due on your purchase. Whether the purchase was made by you or by another person with access to your account, you can in no way exempt you from payment of this trip, that the journey was made or not. If that name for at least one of the travelers covered by your booking is not the holder of the credit card, it is possible that your booking request will not be forwarded immediately to the wholesaler or supplier and, as long as VarVacations.com havent confirmed with you the validity of your purchase. We reserve the right to send you a credit card authorization form and we ask you a photocopy front and back of the credit card. It is only after having received information that the purchase could be completed. This procedure is not automatic and is left to the discretion of our agency. Meanwhile, the availability and price of services that you wish to purchase are subject to change without notice. Your credit card will be charged to your account by our office or by the service provider and/or the wolesaler.)

    When making your reservation, you must share all your special needs ( wheelchair access, special meals, etc. ) by adding the required comment in the box * SPECIAL REQUEST * of the reservation form so that we can satisfy your request. Although we do everything possible to answer positively to your request, the agency can not offer any guarantee in this regard. Special requests are not an integral part of the contractual obligations of any contributor in your reservation.

    In the event we have to transfer the unpaid case to a recovery agency, 35% fees will be added to the unpaid amount.

  11. Cancellation of a purchase

    (If you wish to cancel your purchase on the Internet, you must immediately communicate verbally with us. To send an email or to leave a message on the voicemail without being answered from a travel agent of VarVacations.com will not cancel your online purchase. Once the purchase is completed, you are subject to the costs of cancellation or modification that wholesalers and suppliers impose. You must refer to the terms and conditions of the wholesaler or supplier of your trip. In addition to the fees charged by wholesalers and suppliers, VarVacations.com requires in all cases, a minimum fee of $ 20 CAD per person per case in case of cancellation and modification of an online purchase.)

  12. Delivery of Documents

    (Once your online purchase is done, VarVacations.com will send you an Email, confirming the details of your trip. VPlease ensure that this information accurately correspond to the products and services you have chosen, efer to this email for any other application on your purchase. It is imperative that the name on your travel documents will be exactly the same of the one on your passport. Generally, the suppliers delivers its tickets and/or vouchers to VarVacations.com within 14 to 21 days before the departure date. You then choose the delivery method. Tickets and vouchers will be then delivered, by canada post or delivery to the airport depending on your decision. We deliver only in Canada.)

  13. Travel Insurance

    (VarVacations.com strongly recommends its customers to purchase an insurance covering certain events that could occur before, during or after your departure. VarVacations.com used as preferred supplier, the travel insurance from RBC Insurances for the canadian residents only available on this site. You are solely responsible for your decisions regarding the fact of taking or not taking travel insurance. In any case, you can dispute the fact that you VarVacations.com recommended you to purchase a travel insurance. Insurance policies contain exclusions including but not limited to cases of pre-existing medical conditions. They also have specific time limits and procedures to enforce a claim. VarVacations.com assumes no liability for denial of coverage by the insurer, for whatever reason. Once you have purchased a travel service, if you decide to cancel the insurance you bought through RBC Insurance and VarVacations.com, you must notify the insurer within forty-eight hours.. All claims will be under the general conditions of RBC Insurance or the insurer you choose and according to the laws in force in the province of Quebec. Cancellation and / or services may apply.)

  14. Restriction on personnal use and non-commercial

    (The transactional website VarVacations.com is intended only for the use by travelers. You may not modify, copy, distribute, transfer, expose, demonstrate, replicate, publish or transfer information, softwares, products or services obtained on the website VarVacations.com, or use it to create derivative works or licenses. This site is intended solely to seek information or services of travel and travel related services offered, to make reservations or legitimate online purchase. It is strictly forbidden to use it to make fraudulent, false or speculative reservations, or to make reservations in anticipation of demand.)

  15. Non respect of the rules of use

    (VarVacations.com prohibits under penalty of law, any use of its site for illegal or fraudulent. It is understood that any misuse of the resources of travel booking on the web site could make it impossible for you to access the site.)

  16. Confidentiality

    (VarVacations.com undertakes to respect the privacy of its customers and consequently not to sell to any third party the name of its individual custormers, nor others informations of personnal accounts. However, to book your trip and process your reservation, www.VARvacantions.com must obtain some personnal informations. When you reserve or purchase travel products and travel services on the secure site of VARvacations.com, we are required to transmit information such as your name and phone number to the wholesaler or travel provider, to the airline or other concerned supplier of goods or services.)

  17. Copyright / Trademarks

    (All content, including softwares contained on this site, is protected under Canadian and international laws regarding copyrights. It is then forbidden to modify, copy, distribute, transfer, expose, demonstrate, replicate, publish or transmit informations, softwares, products or services obtained on the VarVacations.com website, or use it to create derivative works or licenses, or use one or the other elements of the site for commercial purposes or other.)

  18. Laws and Regulations

    (These general conditions and their enforcement are governed by the laws of the Province of Quebec, without regard to provisions on laws. The client user accepts and acknowledges the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Province of Quebec, District of Trois-Rivières, with respect to any dispute arising from the use of this Site or these Terms.)

    No employee and no officer of the agency has the authority to amend these terms and conditions.

  19. Hyperlinks

    (Links to other websites included on this site are provided for informational purposes only and does not mean that VarVacations.com, suppliers or third-party distributors endorse the content of other websites. Nor VarVacations.com, or the third party suppliers can not be held responsible for the content of other Web sites and make no representations or warranties about any Web site or content or documentation thereof. VarVacations.com do not, in any way, guarantee the security of these sites nor does it guarantee the protection or treatment of any personal information that you can transfer to these other sites. If you decide to access other Web sites, you do so at your own risk. It is strictly forbidden to create links to this Site without the written authorisation of VarVacations.com.)

  20. Damage resulting from the access to our site

    (VarVacations.com is not responsible in regard to virus or any harm that may infect your computer when you use our site. VarVacations.com nor any other third party service provider could be liable for any damages, whether punitive, exemplary, direct or indirect or any bodily or moral harm that would result from the use of its site.)

  21. Assignment

    (You may not assign, convey, subcontract or delegate your rights, duties or obligations under these terms.)

  22. Modification

    (VarVacations.com reserves the right to change these terms and conditions anytime. Your use of this site will be governed by the conditions then prevailing at the time of your use.)

  23. Topics

    (The titles of sections used in these Terms are intended to facilitate consultation and do not in any way limit or otherwise modify the terms hereof.)

  24. Entire Agreement

    (These general conditions and the conditions which are incorporated or referred, constitute the entire agreement between us regarding the subject matter hereof, and supersede all prior agreements (oral or written) regarding the subject hereof, and may be amended only by a writing or by posting such amendment on this site.)

  25. Lawsuit against the agency

    (In all cases where a buyer would take the decision to sue or appeal against the agency, it reserves the right to seek full reimbursement of expenses, direct or indirect, related to the suit plus an hourly rate of $ 25.00 and in all cases where the agency is found not guilty or not responsible.)

  26. Severability

    (These conditions shall be deemed severable. If any provision is deemed invalid or not enforceable, such provision shall nonetheless be enforced to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, and that decision will not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.)

  27. Recognition Act

    (The passenger hereby acknowledges having read and understood the conditions of sale.)

  28. Complaint Resolution

    (If you have a complaint, please contact the address of the agency in topic you have chosen.)

  29. Unilateral modification of the price

    (Modification on June 30th, 2010)

    An unilateral modification of the price, after purchase will be allowed at the following conditions:

    1. Office de la protection du consommateur du Québec Prices can be increased in case of an increase in taxes, royalties or expenses authorized by an competent authority in connection with the fuel or an increase in foreign exchange rate between the date of reservation and the date of increase application. More precisely: Concerning the overloads due to an increase in the cost of the fuel; additional fee or increase of more than 7%, with exclusion of any increase in the TPS and TVQ, the customer has the choice to cancel and to be completely refunded or to choose to substitute for a replacement product he judges acceptable with the price which he will be offered. In the case of a price difference, this one will be assumed entirely by the customer.

      If the modification exceeds 7% of the price of the contract, excluding the TPS and the TVQ, the customer will have to choose between cancellation of the contract and the full refund or the replacement services offered by the travel agent. No modification can take place in the 30 days preceding the supplied services.

    2. Concerning an increase in foreign exchange rate (maximum of 5%): The modification is allowed for an increase in foreign exchange rate, insofar as applicable foreign exchange rate 45 ays before the departure increased of more than 5% since the date of purchase.

    3. When the contract is concluded remotely, for example, by Internet, the travel agent is exempted of the obligation to orally inform the customer of the contents of this clause in the condition which this information is expressly given to the knowledge of the customer. When the contract is concluded orally and remotely, for example, by phone, the travel agent is exempted of the obligation to inform the customer of the contents of this clause in the condition which a written contract is transmitted to the customer in the following 15 days after the contract signature.

    This modification of the law is applicable as of June 30th, 2010.

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