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General informations

+ Who is VARVacations.com/VoyagesARabais.com?

+ Do you have a permit from the Office de la protection du Consommateur?

My Profile

+ How to change my avatar ?

+ How to add the number of days before my next trip next to my avatar?

Rewards Club

Refer friends and win big…

By referring friends who reserve with us for the first time, receive as a reward club points that can be exchanged as you please for travel discounts, premiums or gift certificates… easy, ask for your reference code, write it in step 4 of the reservation that your reference will complete and add as many points as though you had completed the reservation yourself… Easy… ask for your reference code without delay. points@voyagesarabais.com

+ What is the Rewards Club and how can I collect Rewards points?

+ What can I get in exchange for my Rewards Club points?

+ How can I check the number of points in my account?

+ I've lost / forgotten my access codes, what should I do?

+ I've changed my email address. What should I do.

+ I have more than one account. Can I combined them?

+ We are a group of persons on the same reservation, who gets the points?

+ I have not received the confirmation email after registering, what should I do?

+ I still have codes-points, where can I register them?

+ I did'n received my points according to my last reservation?

+ I did not get the points for my friend's last reservation?

+ I haven't yet received the points I got for a booking before November 2010


+ How to order my free calendar ?

Our warranty "La Totale"

+ Please give me an example of how your " LA TOTALE " guarantee works.

+ What is going to happen when I want to use my travel credit check?

+ What must I do to obtain the travel credit in case the price drops?

+ If the price drops, at what point must I choose between receive the REWARDS CLUBS points and the gift certificate or the travel credit?

+ When will I receive my travel credit ?

+ What is the difference between a gift certificate and a travel credit?

+ What happens if the $ 500,000.00 budget alocated to this incredible promotion runs out?

+ Are there some exclusions?

+ What are de details about the refund in case of a price drop?

+ What are the details of the promotion CANCELLATION WITHOUT CHARGE?


+ Luggage for cruises

+ What to put in a suitcase?

+ Documents to keep during the trip

+ Cabin types

+ Difference between single occupancy and double occupancy

+ Difference between a guaranteed cabin and an assigned cabin

+ Upgrade procedure

+ Choosing dinner time

+ Smoking and non-smoking environment on the ship

+ Instructions to bring alcohol on the ship

+ What is included on board?

+ Plan for expenses

+ Suggested amount for tips

+ Soft drinks on board

+ Harbour taxes for cruises

+ Travel insurance for cruises

+ Tasks to complete before cruise departure

+ Procedures when boarding the cruise ship

+ Sea Pass card or Sail & Sign (depending on the cruise line company)

+ Cash deposit

+ Procedures upon arrival to port

+ Your cruise reservation

+ Special needs on cruises

+ Sea sickness on board

+ Hurricane at sea

+ Entertainment while at sea

+ Children on cruises

+ Log book and other documents on cruises

+ Staff on board

+ Land excursions

+ Glossary of terms relating to cruises

+ Health

+ General advice


+ What is a group companion?

Travel tips

+ validity of my passport

+ Summer vacation check list

+ Hurricanes

+ Can I order a special meal on the plane?

+ Seat selection

+ Visa and exit taxes

+ Where can I find information about tourist cards?

+ Airline carriers

+ Luggage

+ Letter of consent - Parental Consent Letter

+ How to find a Commissioner for Oaths?

+ 12 tips

Tickets and advantages

+ E-Tickets, how does it work?

+ My E-Tickets are not in the Ticket Office, what should I do?

+ Why don't you send all the e-tickets automatically?

+ If I have other questions, who can I contact?

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