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Considering this forum’s great popularity and to assure its participants of a constant, pleasurable experience, the following rules (updated on May 18, 2010) must be respected by everyone taking part in the discussion:

Always remain polite with your comments and respect other participants’ opinions. No comment regarding the private life and/or the personnality of a forum participant will be accepted. You must use a * surname * to register and to identify all of your comments. can never be held responsible for any comment on this forum. It is forbidden to provide your real name or to make it possible for you to be identified. ou de faire en sorte que l’on puisse vous identifier. If you break this rule, your subscription will be cancelledWhen exchanging with other participants, it is strictly forbidden to provide them with a personnal Email address. Any message with an Email address or a text permitting to find an Email address will be promptly removed from the forum and the person at fault will be excluded from the forum without any othe notice.In each of the sections, any comment which is not relevant to the section in which it is posted will be promptly removed. Any comment or discussion not directly related to the rubric will also be removed from the forum and any subsequent offence from a member will lead to his access being cancelled without further notice. Any comment that is deemed disagreeable or offensive towards another forum participant, in any rubric, will be removed and its author may see his/her subscription permanently cancelled. Every employees will be identified as such every time they make comments in the forum. VarVacations reserves the right to refuse forum access to any person whose comments on the INTERNET are not compatible with this forum’s objectives or, else, whose presence in this forum is not in the interest of the majority of the participants. Any comment regarding a comparison and/or a review between travel counsellors, travel agency or tour operators, be it regarding services provided or prices will be promptly removed from the forum. This forum’s mission is not to question anyone’s credibility or professionnalism or to make comparisons between stakeholders in the travel industry.This site is not the place to promote a travel agency ( except for VarVacations who owns this forum ), a tour operator, an air company, any product not provided by VarVacations or any particular individual… Any such comment will be promptly removed and the person at fault could have his access right to the forom cancelled without further notice.Comments posted on this site are the sole responsibility of their authors. VarVacations can not be held responsible for comments made by its users;The goal of these exchanges is to comment the news, travel news or to provide additional information to an ongoing exchange. Exchanges are public and must remain constructive. Questions and comments must be relevant to theobject of the message and must be related with travels or the ongoing discussion. Private and out of order discussions are forbidden; When inserting hyperlinks in your message, make sure they lead to a site or article ditrectly related to travelling and that it is not a VarVacations competitor.Advertizing, whatever its format, is forbidden in this forum.Comments that are heinous, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, sexist, or inelegant towards anybody are forbidden, as well as untrue or defamatory comments and attacks towards an individual or a company’s reputation.On the Internet, the use of capital letters is seen as an equivalent to yelling and is perceived as a form of agression. Comments submitted in capital letters will be removed.

These modified rules have been effective since May 18, 2010.

This forum is a place for exchanges and information for all travelers. It is unfortunate that we have to implement such restricive regulations for the forum to reach its goals, but past experience left us no choice. None of the effective restrictions is preventing anyone to express an opinion on travels, to give his/her evaluation of their trip, to ask questions about a trip or to share his/her travelling experiences. We trust you will have great exchanges.

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