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Visit aboard the new Airbus A330 of Air Transat

May 23rd 2012

Last week, Air Transat invited several travel agencies to visit its new Airbus A330, whose interior has been completely replaced. This new development, more ergonomic and with more amenities...

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Travelling with children, some actions to take before your vacations

May 11th 2012
Tips for planning family vacations

Planning a family trip, especially with young children, is not always easy. We must therefore have good planning and trying somehow to predict the unpredictable.

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Travel in star trek plane?

January 9th 2012
Part of A380 with Star Trek style

If you followed the adventures of Captain Picard in Star Trek (the period "next generation"), then you'll be pleased to learn that some Airbus A380 Quantas aiplanes now have some first-class cabins decorated to recall the famous series.

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