Cayo Santa Maria, to see more than beaches in Cuba

July 24th 2012 -

Beach of Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba


For most of us, a trip to Cuba is the first opportunity to enjoy the white sandy beaches and resort’s activities. But during a full week while traveling in a foreign country, you may also want to experience some nature and Cuban history.

Although cays (or cayo) are by definition small islands that offer at first glance that the beach and activities at the hotel to destinations like Cayo Santa Maria offers several possibilities nearby.

Sea safari and snorkeling

If you like the beach, you are probably also fans of sea excursions. You can make excursions by catamaran around Cayo Santa Maria. The course will introduce you to the islands nearby as well as the SS San Pasqual, grounded off since 1933, but which still had several uses since (among other things he was equipped with cannons during the Second World War to protect the Cuban coast).

You will also have the opportunity to do snorkeling in shallow water if it is a first for you and enjoy at the end of the day a meal of lobster.

-Expect approximately 85 CUC* for a catamaran excursion.


Historic Tours of Cuba

If you want to discover the history of Cuba you will not be outdone. Guided tours are indeed available, which will allow you between others to visit the city of Sancti Spiritus, founded by Diego Velazquez in 1514. Among places not to miss mention the Yayabo bridge, the oldest in the country. These tours usually take you to Trinidad for about 75 CUC *.

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Forest visits to Cuba

It is of course far from our boreal forest! But to discover the nature and the Cuban flora, a trip to the park of Guanayara is a must. The day begins with the crossing of villages in the Cuban countryside, which takes you to park in the mountains. From there, the adventure turns into a hike to the waterfalls of the place. It all ends with a swim in a lagoon in the middle of the jungle and a meal at a local restaurant.

Most of these tours and excursions can be purchased locally. If finally the week on the beach is long, or your group with varied tastes, have some activities and findings will fill your week great memories!


• * The CUC or convertible Cuban peso is the currency that tourists should use in. These currencies are available via ATM with credit cards issued by Canadian banks. At the time of this writing, a CUC equals a $ 1.02 Canadian dollar.


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