Beautiful places to discover, according to UNESCO

July 3rd 2012 -

Hô dynasty citadel, Vietnam

Branch of the UN that deals with education of science and culture, UNESCO publishes since several years a World Heritage places to know and preserve, for their natural beauty or for their historical and cultural value. This list was  updated annually.

In 2012, 26 new sites were added, including the Canada Grand Pré historic site, Nova Scotia, where the highest tides in the world were used from the 17th century to irrigate the land.

In total, 962 sites around the world who are now on the list. Many are easily accessible and can be a day of discovery on your next vacation. Cuba for example has 9 sites listed. Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic is home to the New World's first university -shortly after the passage of Christopher Columbus- and it is always open.

Among the most exotic places can be mentioned the Ho dynasty citadel in Vietnam and national parks of Kenya.

So, if you are looking for historic sites and unique backgrounds, this list of UNESCO can be a great starting point to plan a unique trip, even if it's only a small part of vacation into a popular resort.


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